Full Canvas

Made to Measure Tailoring Can be Confusing: You Need to Understand Full Canvas


Understanding Suit Canvas

When you hear someone talking about suit canvas they are talking about the inner lining of your suit jacket. This layer is not normally visible as it sits between the internal lining and the external one.

Suit canvas is often made with horsehair, although it can be blended with cotton. It is essential to create the shape of the suit jacket.  The thickness of the canvas is matched to the weight of the cloth being used, ensuring a balanced jacket.

This is most evident when you choose a full canvas tailored jacket from an established and reputable supplier like Scuderi. They have 70 years of experience and blend traditional fabrication with modern technology to make the highest-quality Italian clothing.

Full Canvas Suit Jackets

A full canvas suit jacket has the suit canvas covering all of the jacket. The full canvas is stitched to the lapels, giving fullness, style, and allowing full movement through the jacket. It will sit on your body perfectly.

A well-designed, full canvas suit, will feel like it weighs nothing but be perfectly molded to your body.

Half Canvas Suit Jackets

Half canvas suits have a canvas layer starting at the shoulders and moving halfway down your jacket. This helps to create definition at the shoulders but it won’t sit as well on your body as a full canvas.

You will also need to consider how the canvas is attached. Some manufacturers use glue and this can bubble after dry cleaning, especially around the chest area.

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Full Canvas